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Personal Loans

At Minute Loan Center (MLC), we believe consumers deserve access to financial solutions they need in order to deal with life's unexpected dilemmas. We offer a variety of options to provide our customers with the cash they need when other alternatives are unavailable.

Bank overdraft fees, late fees, over limit fees and cash advance fees are all more expensive than ever, and seem to be rising every day. With one of the quick, convenient funding options available from MLC, you'll avoid the high cost, or potential credit damage, from late payments or an overdrawn account.

    You need:
  • Instant bank verification (IBV) – a secure, free and convenient means of confirming your income and banking details
  • Or these requirements:
  • State-issued identification (license, SSN card, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Your most recent pay stub(s)
  • A current bank statement
    • This may be obtained by printing it out from your online banking account, or requesting the statement from a teller at your local branch. If you do not have access to a computer or printer you may print the statement at one of our locations or have your bank fax the information to us.)