Client Testimonials | Minute Loan Center

"AWESOME! ♥♥♥" - Leilani, St. George, UT

"Great customer service, Easy to work with. This place is AMAZING!!!" - April, St. George, UT

"Great service and friendly" - Irene Kaibe, St. George, UT

"Love this place!" - Crystal, St. George, UT

"Love the girls here! They are always so friendly." - Levina, St. George, UT

"Great place to do business with" - Jacob, St. George, UT

"Every MLC employee is very courteous and always helpful." - Jesus Dominguez, St. George, UT

"You guys ROCK!" - Sara F., St. George, UT

"It's my first loan ever but you guys do a really good job on explaining everything to me…I like that!" - Grace L., St. George, UT

"Very kind and friendly"- Danica Osbourne, Las Vegas, NV

"Easy pay options, nice and friendly"- Charles Torres, Las Vegas, NV

"Excellent customer service, very courteous and great at explaining the options best suited for your needs." - S. Evans, Reno, NV

"When I couldn't get a loan, MLC saved me!" - Dawn Ezzo, Las Vegas, NV

"The greatest people to deal with - professional and courteous"- John Limmina, Wilimington, DE

"Very professional and promptin assisting your financial needs "- Cheryl Basley, Wilimington, DE

"Staff is helpful and friendly"- Mrs. Tunell, Lewes, DE

"Better than location down the street"- Jen Tirl, Lewes, DE

"You guys made my day!"- Montoz Hall, Lewes, DE

"Miss Debi gives great customer service. Thank you!"- Dover DE